What is Digital Care?

The CORE Institute strives to be at the forefront of orthopedic, spine and neurologic care and the latest technologies.  In addition to the best-in-class care you receive in our offices and facilities, we now have the ability to provide our services nearly anywhere, including in the comfort of your home.  Our digital care program is a convenient extension of our in-office services and provides the same expert orthopedic and musculoskeletal care that you expect, now in the palm of your hand.

Digital or “virtual” patient care and engagement has been shown in many clinical trials to have equal or better results compared to traditional in-person visits due to many factors, including the increased resources and connectivity available to patients.

Another benefit of our comprehensive digital platform is that it may reduce your out-of-pocket expense for care by decreasing the need for in-person visits.  For example, providing some or all of your Physical Therapy visits virtually instead of in-person can be much more convenient for you and lead to a lower total cost of care.

Digital Care Delivery

The digital care program is provided in parallel to your in-office-based care.  Your providers at The CORE Institute will tailor your complete plan to your individual needs.

Digital care is performed through myrecovery, our proprietary patient engagement mobile app.  Through this platform, we can gather information about your functional status, provide education and communicate directly with patients in a much more convenient manner.

If your provider determines that you would benefit from the digital care program, you will receive a message inviting you to download and register for the myrecovery mobile app.  It is quick and easy.

Digital Care Tools

In the myrecovery mobile app, one powerful tool used to assess your progress are Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) surveys.  These are health questionnaires that gather important functional feedback throughout your treatment course.

Other ways to track your progress include: 

  1. Tracking your activity level
  2. Creating a tailored home therapy program with virtual guidance and coaching with our clinical experts
  3. Answering other health surveys specific to your phase of care
  4. Two-way chat features provide faster answers to non-urgent questions

At The CORE Institute, we have teams of clinical experts dedicated to enhancing your progress.  They will help answer your questions promptly and escalate any concerns to your other providers at The CORE Institute.

The care you receive as part of this digital program is an integrated extension of the comprehensive expert clinical care you have come to expect from The CORE Institute.  You may see these services listed on your patient bill as Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) or Remote Monitoring, which are approved medical services covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and convenient care when you need it most.

For any questions or concerns, please call The CORE Institute at 1.866.974.2673