Now in the heart of Mesa and in the West Valley in Greater Phoenix, patients who have orthopedic needs will find easy, convenient access to CORE Institute services.

In December 2018, the CORE Institute Mesa Clinic opened a new orthopedic clinic on the campus of Banner Desert Medical Center, where all kinds of bone and joint needs can be addressed. These include hand and shoulder injuries, foot and ankle conditions, knee injuries, total joint replacement evaluation, spine and neurological management and evaluation, pain management, podiatry, casting of broken bones and trauma evaluation. Two radiology suites are also located there. If surgery is recommended, patients can be easily transferred and admitted to an adjacent outpatient surgery facility.

“This is a larger, more comfortable clinic that’s easier to find than our previous clinic,” said Jennifer Bravo, associate vice president of integration and facilities for the CORE Institute. The practice manager for this location is Courtney Mei.

West Valley gets a new CORE Institute location

The CORE Institute’s West Valley Clinic, a 15,000-square-foot facility, opened in January 2019 just across the street from Banner Estrella Medical Center. It, too, includes a full-service orthopedic clinic, three radiology suites, and a separate 4,100-square-foot physical therapy gym, Bravo said. The practice manager for the West Phoenix location is Angela Silvas.

Both locations are conveniently located steps from an ambulatory surgery center and a hospital and orthopedic specialists evaluate patients at both locations. So whether you need a neurologist, a foot and ankle expert or a surgeon who primarily operates on patients’ knees, for example, the appropriate physician will be available to evaluate your situation.

A perfect partnership

Both of these newly relocated clinics are situated on or near Banner hospitals in which a co-management program, Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics, is located. “Our patients can expect enhanced quality of care, streamlined protocols and better outcomes through this collaboration,” Bravo said.

The two new clinics become the 18th and 19th The CORE Institute facilities, respectively, in Greater Phoenix, Bravo said.


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