Karyn has been an avid runner for most of her life, dating back to her running cross-country in high school.  However, in her younger years, she injured her knee and underwent surgery to repair the damage.  Even after surgery, Karyn’s knee didn’t feel the same and could only run or bike a few miles before the pain set in.  Her discomfort got to the point where she stopped running altogether for several years.

Finally, deciding she did not want to give up what she loved, she came to The CORE Institute to explore her options.  She was then told about an innovative new cartilage transplant procedure where healthy knee cartilage is used to grow more cartilage that is then placed into the damaged area of the knee.  Her surgeon told her that this was likely her best option if she wanted to continue being active.

After her surgery, Karyn slowly began to push herself back to her peak endurance.  In the years that followed, she completed several 5k’s, 10k’s and three full marathons, including the Chicago Marathon and Grand Rapids Marathon.   Ten years later, she underwent another procedure to remove some loose cartilage to continue doing what she loves.

“It’s hard to even imagine what my lifestyle would be like, not having crossed paths with The CORE Institute. Thank you, is never enough for them giving me back my active lifestyle not once but twice!”

At The CORE Institute in Arizona and Michigan, our goal is to help you Keep Life In Motion.  Our expert team of orthopedic, spine and neurology specialists use the latest research and technology to help you get back to doing what you love.  If you are dealing with pain, contact us today to learn about your treatment options.

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