“I couldn’t compete – in marathons, on the golf course or against the mountains I once hiked. These were important aspects of my life. My pain was significant, and I also became self-conscious about my appearance as my knees began to distort and bow.”

For nearly 50 years, Sheldon Karras led an active lifestyle until his knee pain hindered his ability to perform his favorite pastimes. His knees formed Baker’s Cysts, a fluid-filled cyst behind the knee, which his doctor would have to drain on a regular basis. Years of wear and tear on his knees also affected his hips. “I was recommended to The CORE Institute for bilateral knee surgery, and after my first procedure, I was hiking within a month,” Sheldon said.

Through Mako™ robotic-arm assisted joint replacement surgery, physicians at The CORE Institute were able to alleviate Sheldon’s knee pain while boosting his self-confidence. “My knees are straight and the pain is gone, which has also helped my hips,” Sheldon said. “Thanks to my doctors at The CORE Institute, I am playing golf and hiking at 80, which I think is pretty spectacular.”

“Before coming to The CORE Institute, my knee pain restricted my active lifestyle. Now I can hike mountains, play golf and tennis.”

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